More and more rules from Brussels are building a wall of obstacles for manufacturers and importers of LED and lamps, before they may start business. They all have to invest a lot of time and effort, to correctly care about the legislative duties implanted by the EU and performed in detail by the German government, be it:

We will concentrate ourselves on you and your lighting products. We tell you which labeling is necessary for your products and what must show on the packaging and in the shops. We help you with the energy label as such by providing all possible interpretations in quick time; we help with the WEEE-registration, the packaging licensing and CE, whatever is required.

Competently, reliably, quickly, friendly. Ask us – it’s our job: +49-40-73 71 77 79.


Wiwo: Duale Systeme zerfleischen sich selbst


Über das Hauen und Stechen hinter den Kulissen der Verpackungsverordnung berichtet die "Wirtschaftswoche".

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Kommunen: Wertstofftonne erfolgreich


Überraschend positive Sammelergebnisse meldet die Stadt Bielefeld für ihre Wertstofftonnen.

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Newsletter zur ElektroG-Novelle


Die Diskussionen zur ElektroG-Novelle laufen auf Hochtouren. Sie möchten auf dem Laufenden sein?  Abonnieren Sie unseren Newsletter.

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Decreasing costs for producers


For manufacturers and importers of LED (rigidly manufactured in light products) registration with EAR will get notably cheaper.


LED completely to register with immediate effect


The „Stiftung EAR“ (EAR Foundation) is drawing a clear line:

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